Case Study:HP eSmiles

Our job: Manufacture an imaginative printer kiosk, designed by Hornall Anderson, for use by families and friends staying in participating Ronald McDonald Houses. Allowing guests to decorate a community wall with photos and stickers by using a HP web connected Printer.

With a rendering in hand we began the process of engineering and design to determine how we would best reach the outcome desired. Our team collaborated to engineer this uniquely shaped printer stand with attention to the curvy details and how they would challenge the fabrication process. With the appropriate strategy in place, each piece to this puzzle was programmed by an in house CAD draftsmen and input to one of our two KOMO CNC Routers to begin machining parts.

A combination of internal ribbing and bendy ply provided the structural form of the printer stand. We were presented with the challenge of hiding the HP Printer’s power cord after it was in place upon the stand. The problem was solved by running a length of oversized tubing within the shell starting from underneath the acrylic printer platform and out from the underside of the unit.

The unit was then wrapped with phenolic laminate on all sides and prepped for vinyl lettering.

The completed HP eSmiles printer kiosk was ready to be shipped to its final destination.  It would then be put to use with the intent of providing messages of hope and support to children and families staying at participating Ronald McDonald Houses.